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Florida is a great place to take advantage of Solar Photovoltaics (PV). With 350+ sunny days a year, it only makes sense to invest in a PV array for your home. Rising energy costs and frequent power outages during hurricanes or those severe summer thunderstorms we’re prone to, make going solar a great option for most homeowners in and around Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, the Beaches, Rockledge, Viera, Sebastian and Vero! We make solar panel installation affordable and efficient for everybody. With no upfront cost financing, you can become cash-flow positive immediately. Who couldn’t use a little more positive cash flow these days? You can read more about the biggest benefits of going solar on our solar blog here.


At Affordable Solar Services, Inc., we excel in installing residential and commercial solar PV panels alike. For well over eight years, Affordable Solar Services, Inc. has been offering solar PV panel installation services to clients located throughout the Space Coast and Treasure Coast. Choosing renewable energy, like solar power, will provide a strong return on your investment by saving you significant amounts of money in energy cost every year, as well as help the environment for the long haul! That’s a win, win in our book! 

We offer several different types of solar systems with a variety of options to suit your needs;

  • REC Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • LG Solar
  • Hanwha Q Cell Panels
  • Enphase Microinverters
  • Enphase Ensemble Battery Wall
Raffaela Vassas
Raffaela Vassas
They are wonderful. Came and fixed the leak I had in my solar heat. They also checked all the pipes on the roof to make sure everything was good. I would definitely recommend them. Can't thank them enough.
Joseph Vano
Joseph Vano
Randy's team installed a new solar panel system on our roof. They were very fast and responsive. From quote to meter swap it was 7 weeks, which is incredibly fast compared to what other solar companies were estimating. They also gave the best panels and microinverters with competitive prices from my research. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new solar panel installation.
Ronald Barthelt
Ronald Barthelt
My system has been in for almost two weeks and I am very happy. Price was very fair and the quality of work was excellent. My goal for this project was to lower my FPL bill each month for now with the intention of expanding next year to fully cover the costs of charging an electric car. There was good communication from start to finish and the owner of the company was quick to respond to any questions I had. Solar was something I have been thinking about for years and it was finally time to get some quotes. The salesmen they sent out was quick to put together an estimate and from there it was just a matter of waiting for the permits to be approved. The install went fine and the worst part was looking at the new system sitting on the roof waiting for FPL to swap out the meter to a new one so I could turn it on. I wanted all my panels facing south but a few had to go on the west and east. Surprisingly the west and east panels almost make as much energy as the south facing ones. I have an app on my phone and I can monitor all the outputs of the system day by day. My 7.2kw system is collecting over 40kWh per day in full sun...on a cloudless day. 40kWh covers almost all my daily usage in the summer. I want to thank Affordable Solar for a good experience in a post Covid mess of a world. I will be calling them back when I am ready to expand my system next year.
Scott Lewit
Scott Lewit
Had to have a reproof done. Affordable solar was great. Quickly took off the panels and quickly put them back when the roof was ready Highly recommend.
Don Coulson
Don Coulson
After dealing with mutiple solar companies in the past i have been very hesitant to rely on anyone that claims they "do" solar. After doing business with Affordable Solar Services I have faith in the industry again. I Hired this company to re-install a solar hot water collector after a re-roof. The crew that showed up was very knowledgable, professional and willing to answer all of my questions. before starting the job. The install went great and looks good on my new roof. I am rarely this satisfied with customer service these days. I 100% recommend these guys!
Elizabeth Lasko
Elizabeth Lasko
I first purchased a water-heater from Affordable Solar Services. They were knowledgeable and experienced salesmen. Quality installation and cleanup. Attentive to any questions and concerns. Great company and great service. Randy is punctual, friendly, honest, and awesome. I loved them so much, I am a return customer for pool panels. We definitely get more use out of the pool. I'm sure I'll return when the time is right for PV. 100% amazing and recommend!
Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien
We have been using this company for years now, as all the other solar companies have come and gone. Give these guys a call if you have hot water heater or solar panel problems! Thanks for the great work!
Luciana Dominatto
Luciana Dominatto
Randy and Erick were phenomenal! Great services and on time. I highly recommend them.
Solar PV Panels


Everyone! In the past few years, residential solar panels have gained momentum and popularity for a number of reasons. So have commercial solar systems. This is very easy to understand since it’s a positive cash flow service from day 1 when you finance with Affordable Solar Services. This means that the solar panels end up paying for themselves with the tremendous savings you will realize! The fact that there are several ways in which they can benefit you as a homeowner or business owner besides the investment paying besides the investment paying for itself.


*Less Environmental Impact: When compared to other energy sources, using the sun is far better for the environment. If this is an important issue for you and you would like to feel confident you’re doing your part in reducing pollution, then installing solar systems at your home and business is certainly a great way to do so and something you should consider.


*Easy to Maintain: Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are easy to maintain, especially with a company like Affordable Solar Services by your side. We’re not called Affordable Solar Services for a reason! Maintenance and service is a big part of what we do for you!


*You’ll Save BIG on electric bills! Nationally, the average home with solar systems installed saves over $1,500 per year on electric bills! Saving money on monthly bills is clearly a huge incentive for homeowners as well as business owners. Wouldn’t it feel great to not have to pay the power company every single month?


We take a different approach to going solar, we stand by the motto “it’s cheaper to reduce than it is to produce”; We start by identifying the things that can reduce your power consumption without changing your living comfort, and then size your system to fit your needs and desires. We don’t try to sell you the largest system possible, or any particular system at all. No hefty commissioned sales people here, because we want going solar to make financial sense for you. 

Solar Photovoltaics Panels


Set up a complimentary solar consultation with an Affordable Solar Services, Inc. expert and get the information you need to make an informed decision on Solar PV. We’ll help you excel in your solar panel decision. Good news: At Affordable Solar Services, Inc. we offer Licensed Solar Contractor Guarantees. This means all jobs will have a CVC (state Certified Solar Contractor) on every installation project.


Rest assured that our team will guide you towards a solar panel system that is ideal for your home or business. Affordable Solar Services, Inc. wants to establish strong relationships with customers throughout Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, and the surrounding area! 

We Make Going Solar Affordable. Connect with us today!