Our Solar Contractor License Guarantee (LSCG)

When it comes to Affordable Solar Services, we stand by the principle of delivering excellence in every solar project install or service in our area. This commitment spans our first conversation to the final handover of a fully operational solar energy and/or pool water heating system. The bedrock of our service delivery is our Solar Contractor License Guarantee.

State Certified Solar Contractors Always at Your Service

Building your trust starts with ensuring that professionals handle your project – experts who don’t merely talk the talk but walk the walk. We promise that the person who guides you through the process, and ultimately works on your property, is a Florida State Certified Solar Contractor (CVC). This pledge means the individual discussing your solar energy and pool heating needs, is a licensed, experienced solar professional.

A Higher Standard of Solar Installation

Choosing Affordable Solar Services gives you more than just solar panel installation. You receive Solar PV panels fitted by licensed experts who understand the ins and outs of solar energy. These experts specialize in everything from Solar Pool Heating to advanced Solar PV Panel systems. After undergoing rigorous training and adhering to the highest industry standards, our licensed solar contractors deliver efficient, high-quality installations and a seamless customer experience.

A man working on solar panels on the roof of a house.

The Importance of a Solar Contractor License

Our Solar Contractor License Guarantee is about more than professional installations. It’s about accountability and peace of mind. Licensed solar contractors must follow the rules, regulations, and ethical standards set by the state of Florida. These professionals have the qualifications to design, install, modify, and repair solar energy systems. So, when you choose us, your solar installation becomes more than a job. It is a commitment backed by the state’s stamp of approval.

Putting Trust in Affordable Solar Services

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