Our Licensed Solar Contractor Guarantee

Our Licensed Solar Contractor Guarantee promises you will have a CVC (State Certified Solar Contractor) on every permitted job we install. Most companies will send out a salesman, who won’t know a PV panel from a pool heating panel to make a high profit and high-pressure close, followed up by an install crew that is barely qualified and insured to do the job: You will NEVER meet the actual contractor. Some companies have a contractor that will show up once a week to sign a stack of blank permits and collect checks, then head off to their favorite fishing spot. With Affordable Solar Services, you will always have one of our state-certified solar contractors onsite, from proposal through installation, until the final connection to FPL.

At Affordable Solar Services, our PROMISE is you will ALWAYS meet with one of our state-certified Solar Contractors and they will personally design and thoroughly explain each and every system permitted and installed by Affordable Solar Services.