We Make Going Solar Affordable!

At Affordable Solar Services, our approach to service and installation of solar systems is very different from the rest of the field. The goal of all of our team members is to provide you with the highest quality and most effective solar products and installation, that will satisfy your energy usage, at a fair and affordable price.

Every team member has a vested interest in the future of the company. We do not employ highly paid commissioned salespeople, which not only saves you an industry average of at least 10%, it also ensures that you will have someone focused only on your needs and goals, and not someone’s commission check. Every team member will treat you as our only client and ensure a job that is above and beyond your expectations. Guess you could say that kind of makes us the fiduciary of Solar Systems installation!

We don't stop there, though. There's things behind the scenes we do to look out for your best interest that most other solar companies don't. A big one, we carry worker's comp insurance for all of our employees. That means you'll always have a fully insured professional solar installation team working on your solar project. Many other solar companies simply opt for an exemption which puts liability for the safety of the installation crew on the you, the homeowner or business owner. To us, that just should not be. At Affordable Solar Services, we believe protecting our customers by carrying all proper insurance is the very least we can do to thank you for honoring us with your business.

Our team is comprised of the most experienced and knowledgeable solar panel installers and estimators you could hope to find across the Space Coast and Treasure Coast. We are a fully licensed and insured solar contracting firm with over 70 years of combined experience in the solar industry. For warming your pool, heating water for your domestic needs, lowering your energy usage, or completely wiping out your monthly power bill, we are the best suited to help you achieve your energy goals. We want to be the local company to help you because we Excel at installing affordable solar systems. But, we're not just solar installers for folks new to solar systems...

Our quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail and extensive experience working with insurance companies has allowed us to build relationships with most local roofers and many larger statewide roofers.

Since we experience lots of wind and hail storms every summer here in Florida, and many roofs now have solar panels, we have been working non-stop with many different insurance carriers, helping homeowners get new systems from their insurance companies without any money out of their pockets – so much so that many insurance companies and adjusters recommend us to their policyholders. Offering a LIFETIME guarantee on our roof work has given us a chance to show many roofers the quality of our work, and through many installations, removals, and remounting, we have proudly become the “go-to” solar systems company for most local roofers and many larger statewide roofing companies.

If you are getting a new roof and have a solar system, call us! We will work closely with your roofer and insurance company if necessary to make sure your job is done quickly, efficiently, and beyond your expectations. 

Connect with us or give us a call today to see what we can do for you! 321-576-6156