Solar PV Systems – The Two Biggest Benefits

The Two Biggest Benefits of Installing Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Systems From Affordable Solar Services – Environmental and Financial

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So, you’re considering a Solar PV (photovoltaic) System? OUTSTANDING! Going solar in Florida is a total no-brainer. It is called the sunshine state for good reason! We see an average of 230+ days of gorgeous sunshine each year. That’s a whole lot of free energy you can harness to start saving big money on your power bills. You could even become cash flow positive on Day 1! You just need a Solar PV Panel System installed by Affordable Solar Services. The two biggest benefits to going solar are big financial savings or even gain when installing Solar PV Panels on your home or business and, the arguably more important benefit to going solar, saving the environment for our future generations to love as we do. Whatever your motivation for researching solar energy, we’re glad you did and want to help deliver some information to assist you along your journey.

Installing Solar PV Systems Gives Big Financial Benefits

Save on Power Bills

One of the biggest benefits of having Affordable Solar Services install Solar PV Panels at your home or business, and most critical to your bank account, is the savings or even financial gains that can be realized by “cutting the cord” on your power company! When you have Solar PV Panels installed by Affordable Solar Services, you’ll save big on your monthly power bills by reducing energy usage from the power company. In many cases, your Solar PV Panel System can produce an abundance of solar energy that you can turn around and sell back to them! How good would that feel to open your monthly power bill and see you received money rather than owed? Well, pretty darn good, to say the least! And that’s just one of the financial benefits of going solar

Big Federal Tax Credits

Remember those huge federal solar tax credits the government promised everyone who decided to go solar? They’re still around – but not for long! With the tax year coming quickly to a close, you have a matter of months to get your Solar PV Panels installed to qualify for the tremendous tax credit and there are very, very few companies in Brevard County, Indian River County, or the greater Orlando area, that have the ability to get your solar system installed in time. Luckily for you, Affordable Solar Services can!

How big is that tax credit? For 2021, that Federal Solar Tax Credit is a whopping 26% for residential and commercial properties! Thanks to strong purchasing decisions and manufacturer support early on, Affordable Solar Services doesn’t have to wait around on a broken and spotty supply chain to get your residential or commercial Solar PV System completed. We can get most Solar PV Panels installed in as little as three weeks. That means your system will be installed in time to get that tremendous tax credit! Don’t delay though because in 2023, that tax credit drops to just 22%. In 2024, that tax credit is gone!

Also, thanks to our supply, your cost on that solar PV system will not be impacted by recent rising inflation. We already have it, so you save big over our competitors’ rates who still have to acquire the system you need. Just another benefit of going solar with Affordable Solar Services.

Financing and Becoming Cash Flow Positive

If the immediate savings on your power bills and federal tax credits aren’t enough financial incentive for you to choose to go solar, let’s elaborate on what saving on those power bills can mean. How does becoming cash flow positive on Day 1 sound? Pretty good, right? But what exactly does that mean? Well, with the incredible financing opportunities available from Affordable Solar Services, like $0 down and available financing rates as low as 0.99%*, going solar with a quality Solar PV Panel System and storage from Affordable Solar Services translates to you becoming cash flow positive on Day 1!

For example, lets say your monthly payment on your Solar PV System installed by Affordable Solar Services is only $110 per month thanks to zero down and the low interest rate of 0.99%. If your power bill was $150 per month prior to installation, the difference is $40. Since your Solar PV System has eliminated your power bill, we’re putting $40 each month back in your pocket! Cash flow positive on Day 1! Listen really close…can you here the savings dropping in your bank account? Call us today and you will!

Installing Solar PV Systems Helps Save Our Environment

That’s a lot of financial incentive to help you make the wise decision to going solar, but what about something loftier? What about making a difference in the world around you? Well, let me ask you this; how many opportunities have you had in life to save, or even make, money and create a positive impact on the environment at the exact same time? Not by proxy, or by accident ?‍♀️ but by conscious choice? Very few opportunities, folks!

When you go solar with Solar PV Panels provided and installed by Affordable Solar Services, that’s exactly what you do! See, every home or business that makes the choice to go solar is another home or business that is not reliant on fossil fuels for energy. Fossil fuel power plants cause both air and water pollution on a scale most people don’t realize. Fresh air and water are two things we value very much in Florida. It’s why most of us are here.

Each of us who makes the change to clean, pure solar energy derived from Solar PV Panels makes a positive impact on our environment and helps ensure our future generations will get to enjoy this beautiful planet we love and state we call home. Every home or business that chooses to “cut the cord” on electricity derived from fossil fuels is one step to a cleaner, greener, planet. Call us today. Let’s get together and bring your journey to fruition.

*Rates good for qualified buyers. Call for details