Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home in Central Florida

A couple of solar panels on the side of a house.

Are you a Brevard County, Florida homeowner looking to reduce your energy costs, promote sustainability, and increase your property value? Affordable solar services could be the perfect solution for you. Let’s delve into the benefits that solar energy systems can bring to your Central Florida home and how solar tax credits and solar financing can make your transition to renewable energy even more affordable.

Slash Your Energy Bills with Solar Services

Investing in a solar energy system can significantly reduce—or even eliminate—your FPL monthly electricity bills. Over time, these savings can more than offset the initial cost of the system, especially when combined with solar financing options and solar tax credits and net energy metering that still exists in Florida.

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Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credit

A significant advantage of switching to solar energy is the federal solar tax credit. This incentive allows local homeowners to deduct a substantial portion which is currently 30% of your solar system cost from your federal taxes, further reducing the net cost of going solar. The solar tax credit also gives 30% off your home battery storage and battery backup system. 

Increase Your Home's Value with Solar Energy

Homes with solar energy systems are seen as more desirable and are often valued higher than their counterparts in a recent Berkley study. 


By installing a solar power system, you’re not just saving on your energy bill—you’re making a profitable long-term investment.


Not only that but eventually your solar pv system is paid off and you would be essentially powering your home for free. That is appealing to Brevard County, FL home buyers.

A man in an orange hard hat and safety vest working on solar panels.

Guaranteed Performance and Support

When you invest in a system installed by a local company like ours, you’re not just buying a product—you’re partnering with a dedicated local team of experts committed to ensuring your system’s performance. From installation to ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp to see how local customers from Melboure, to Cocoa, Palm Bay, Viera, Vero Beach and points inbetween feel about us!

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In conclusion, solar services offer a plethora of benefits for homeowners looking to make a smart, sustainable choice. From reducing energy costs to increasing property value and minimizing environmental impact, the advantages of solar energy are clear.

For more information about solar tax credits, solar financing options, or if you have any questions about solar services for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Affordable Solar Services, your trusted solar provider in Palm Bay, Florida.


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