Unfurling the Facts: A Deep Dive into Solar Pool Blankets

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Unfurling the Facts: A Deep Dive into Solar Pool Blankets

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Dispelling Myths about Solar Pool Blankets

It’s not uncommon for misconceptions to surround innovations that have the potential to bring a significant shift in our daily lives. One such misunderstood innovation is the solar pool blanket. Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of a solar pool blanket is not to increase the pool temperature by 5-10 degrees, but rather to slow down evaporation, thereby retaining the heat in the pool.

The Primary Purpose of Solar Pool Blankets

Heat loss in pools primarily occurs through evaporation. On a cold morning, you might see steam rising off your pool surface, representing the heat escaping from your pool. No matter how you heat your pool – be it solar or electric – a pool blanket plays a vital role in maintaining that temperature by slowing down the evaporation process.


Think of a pool blanket like the roof of your house. What if you tried to heat your home without a roof? You could have all the heaters you want, but the heat would just escape into the atmosphere. Similarly, a pool blanket acts as the ‘roof’ for your pool, holding in the heat and preventing it from escaping.

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Different Forms of Pool Blankets

In the contemporary market, pool blankets come in various forms. The conventional solar pool blanket is essentially heavy-duty bubble wrap designed to float on the surface of the pool. Moreover, it should be cut to fit the exact size of the pool for maximum efficiency.


There are also alternative methods to reduce evaporation from your pool. Products like ‘solar rings’, akin to hula hoops with material stretched over them, can cover a significant portion of your pool without having to manage a large blanket.


In addition, there are pool covers that mount on the deck and provide a sturdy surface that is even safe to walk on.

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Safety Considerations when using Pool Blankets

While solar pool blankets are highly beneficial, it’s important to also be aware of the safety considerations associated with their use. As the blanket floats on the water, there are potential risks of people or pets getting trapped under it. Hence, safety warning stickers usually accompany these pool blankets. If you already have a safety fence around your pool, this significantly reduces the hazard. However, it’s always crucial to exercise caution when using these blankets.

Extending Your Swimming Season with Solar Pool Blankets

A solar pool blanket not only helps to maintain the pool’s temperature but can also extend your swimming season to nine months or more by preserving the heat gained from your solar pool heater. To explore more about solar pool heating systems and blankets, reach out to experts in the field. Make sure to ask all your questions to gain a comprehensive understanding and to make an informed decision.

By equipping your pool with a solar pool blanket, you can enjoy a longer swimming season and significant energy savings. So, dispel the myths, understand the facts, and make your swimming pool a more efficient and enjoyable space.

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