$0 Down 0% Risk

$0 Down/ 0% Risk

Whether you are taking advantage of our PV financing rates as low as 0.99% (that’s correct 0.99% interest rate!) or paying cash, we offer you $0 down and 0% risk. Recently, several local companies have gone out of business after taking tens of thousands of dollars in deposits, which can't be recovered. This is unacceptable. Therefore, we refuse to take ANY deposit whatsoever!

We feel there is absolutely no reason for a homeowner to take on risk by putting their money up before project completion; whether it be a pool heater or a full PV system, you shouldn’t have to assume any risk with your money.

When a contractor asks you for a deposit, your first question should be WHY?! Is that company not financially stable enough to buy materials?

At Affordable Solar Services Inc., you are never asked to spend a dime until your system is up and running. Affordable Solar Services Inc. will pay the cost upfront for all materials, engineering, permits, and labor until the project is complete. We won’t ask for any money until the project is 100% complete. That is why we excel in what we do. Call us for your free estimate today! 321-567-6156